Town Broadband

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Municipal Broadband

Broadband+3In November, 2016, an item was placed on Superior’s ballot regarding the Town’s ability to have the legal right to provide high-speed internet services, as required by Colorado Senate Bill 05-152.  This ballot item passed by a margin of 9 to 1.  Following this vote, the Town Board in February 2017 approved to begin the first phase of this project – a broadband feasibility and needs assessment study.

The primary components of this study/scope of work include:

  1. Understand and assess the current infrastructure landscape
  2. Conduct customer market research/assessment
  3. Assess the potential for regional coordination and cooperation
  4. Engage with potential providers
  5. Determine a model and develop a network conceptual design
  6. Conduct a cost analysis
  7. Evaluate financing and funding availability

Residents interested in next generation high-speed broadband are encouraged to take the Town of Superior’s Broadband Feasibility Questionnaire.

As part of its ongoing Broadband Strategic Plan, the Town is asking citizens a few brief questions to gauge their interest in broadband services.

The online questions are a version of a recently completed statistically valid phone survey. While not statistically valid, this questionnaire will offer insight into market and local needs.

The Board and staff plan to work with the public throughout 2017 to gauge what role the Town should play in broadband services, if any.