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Community Engagement Mtg

Quarterly Community Engagement Meeting with Superior Board of Trustees - March 6, 2017


You're invited to discuss questions and issues with Superior Trustees
Including a Presentation on Home Rule

More Than 90% of Colorado Cities & Towns are "Home Rule" Communities, Why Not Superior? 

Monday, March 6th, the Superior Board of Trustees will kick off the first in a new series of Quarterly Community Engagement Meetings. It’s your opportunity to hear from Town leaders on important community topics, like Home Rule, but also interact one-on-one and discuss any questions and concerns, outside of Town Hall, in a more informal and interactive setting.

First-up, Home Rule, what’s that you ask?  It is possible for a local community, such as Superior, to essentially write its own constitution – called a Home Rule Charter.  93% of Colorado’s municipal population live in communities governed by a Home Rule Charter that was crafted by and voted into effect by its citizens.  One of the main reasons towns and cities enjoy this more independent style of government has to do with sales tax, as Home Rule communities traditionally collect significantly more of owed tax revenue.  However, there can be drawbacks too.  Join us Monday, March 6 for a quick lesson on the ins-and-outs of Home Rule, followed by an open forum where you get to ask the Trustees anything you’d like.

The inaugural Community Engagement Meeting will be held at Superior Elementary School, 1800 S. Indiana Street, on Monday, March 6 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. See you there!

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